PhD Theses - Information and Communication Sciences

Benjamin ASTIER : "Innovation ecosystem and info-communication processes:  issues of textile in Hauts-de-France" (04/11/2021 at 2pm - Arenberg Creative Mine)

Abdessalam HIJAB: "ICT and GIS at the service of a multi-actor collaborative device. The case of a sustainable urban sanitation" (06/07/2021 at 2:00 pm - Arenberg Creative Mine)

Khaoula BEN KHALED: "Graphic design and glocalization in advertising: from brand strategy to appropriation by local audiences"  (29/01/2021  - Arenberg Creative Mine)

Angelina TOURSEL: "Information, verification and media experience design in the age of suspicion: the epistemology of journalism in question" (15/01/2021 - Arenberg Creative Mine)

Virginie BLONDEAU: "Towards a digital humanism. From the living witness to the Great Digital Witness" (03/12/2020 - Arenberg Creative Mine)

Maher HUSHAYSH: "Multi-criteria decision analysis in Business Intelligence: the case of a membership-based organization" (06/12/2019 at 2pm - Arenberg Creative Mine)

Willy YVART: "(a)verbal qualification of musical mood: new perspectives for synchronization in audiovisual" (05/12/2019 - UPHF - Site de Wallers-Arenberg)

Francis BEAU: "Intelligence through the lens of information sciences - The information cycle and knowledge capitalization at the service of the strategic function "knowledge and anticipation": theoretical study, methodological developments and practical applications of the knowledge bank concept" (01/04/2019 - Arenberg Creative Mine)

Thomas WAROUX: Representing cross-border vulnerability: A model for mobility (22/10/2018 - October 2018 - University of Mons)

Mei MENASSEL: "Interactive "creative" digital services and urban experience. Building a Mixed Ad Hoc Method to understand and evaluate creative city services" (12/09/2018 - Arenberg Creative Mine)

Charles-Alexandre DELESTAGE: "The emotional experience or performance of television programs. The horizon of relevance as a determinant of the construction of meaning by the viewer" (02/07/2018 -  Arenberg Creative Mine)

Emilie REMOND: "Openness in question - When open universities redefine themselves in the era of digital globalization" (28/11/2017 at 2pm - Arenberg Creative Mine) 

Maxime QUENTIN: "Info-communication approach of housing rehabilitation operations: from understanding actors/housing interactions to improving intervention strategies" (12/12/2016 - Arenberg Creative Mine)

Fanny BOUGENIES: "Museum visit experience for all: augmented visit and meaning construction. The case of children with and without disabilities at the Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille" (08/12/2015 - Arenberg Creative Mine)

Samuel GANTIER: "Contribution to the design of the interactive documentary: Junction and disjunction of the user figures of B4, windows on a tower co-produced by France Televisions" (14/11/2014 at 2pm - UVHC - Campus Mont Houy)

Henri BOULOUET: "Relativized Systemics - Essences of Conceptualizations of the Real" (03/10/2014 - UVHC - Mont Houy Campus - DeVisu Laboratory) 

Souâd EL HARRASSI-CARPON: "Modeling the e-learning document according to an info-communication approach: Application to the domain of Sport" (11/04/2014 at 2pm - UVHC - Mont Houy Campus)

Chady ABOU JAOUDE: "Info-communicational look at decision making - Application to the choice of a university in Lebanon" (22/10/2013 - UVHC - Mont Houy Campus) - consult thesis online

Komi KOUNAKOU: "Media literacy and early childhood. Appropriation of audiovisual content by young non-reading and deaf children." (03/07/2012 - UVHC - DeVisu Laboratory) - consult thesis online

Cynthia-Yaoute EID: "Digital and intercultural: towards emerging uses in language learning/teaching practice in Lebanon" (21/12/10 - UVHC - DeVisu Laboratory)

Corinne DORNIER: "The process of documenting for and by adults in continuing education: the use of a Tracking Log as a mediation object" (16/07/10 at 2pm - UVHC - ISTV2 - Amphi 175E)

Kashif HUSSAIN: "Understanding the role of information and communication in the transition from industrial management techniques to a quality culture: QMI (Quality Management Implementation) in three multinational companies." (09/04/08 at 1:30 pm - UVHC - ISTV2 - Amphi 70E)

Mohamadou Hachimi ELHADJI MAMADOU ABBA : "The 4C spirit in the Enterprise: for a creative cooperation based on communication and trust" (17/12/07 at 2:30 pm - UVHC - ISTV2 - Amphi 70E)

Philippe USEILLE: "An informational approach to the Document: towards the emergence of formative meaning." (10/12/07 at 9:30 am - UVHC - ISTV2 - Amphi 175E)

Smail KHAINNAR: " The place of communication in urban project approaches: actor logics and urban complexity. The case of the Urban Project of the Amphitheater District in Metz PQAM " (13/12/07 at 2:30 pm - UVHC - ISTV2 - Amphi70E)

Victor JUMEZ: " S.I.C. and Civil Engineering: communication parameters and actor strategies for decision making in rehabilitation " (13/07/05 at 2:30 pm - ISTV2 - UVHC)

Pascal BOUCHEZ: "Filming the theater. Problems of the fidelity of an audiovisual document elaborated from a live performance" (09/12/04 at 2:30 pm - ISTV - Amphi 70E)

Nicolas VIEVILLE: "Writing for the screen. Towards a multimedia writing assistance tool" (12/12/2003 - ISTV - Amphi 70E)

Laurent VERCLYTTE: "Tailoring at the right time: Towards the development of accompanying documents in knowledge acquisition situations" (12/16/2002 at 2:30 pm - FLLASH amphi 150)