visite labos_01-12-23
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Meeting between the IUT and Research players

A morning of exchanges highlighted areas of convergence between the IUT, UPHF laboratories and research partners


Chaired by Isabelle Massa-Turpin, Director of the IUT, presentations focused on 3 areas: 

  • strengthening links between academic training and the real needs of research through projects (proposing subjects and participating in juries),.
  • foster immersive experience at the heart of research through internships,
  • enhance the value of IUT platforms and collaborate with innovative projects from laboratories, start-ups and SMEs (technical services, testing, R&D projects).

Interaction between the Institut Universitaire de Technologie (IUT) and key players in research and development is essential to foster knowledge sharing and project development. The recent meeting organized by the IUT provided an opportunity to reflect on how collaboration could exist more closely between the IUT and Research.

After visiting the platforms of the 3 departments GEII, GIM, GMP, participants expressed their enthusiasm and continued their exchanges over lunch in the new co-working space opened in September 2023 (Eisen building).

This promising dynamic testifies to IUT's commitment to training seasoned professionals ready to actively contribute to advances in research and development.

Participating in this first IUT-Research meeting were representatives from Ceramaths, IEMN, LAMIH, Centre d'innovation et d'essais technologiques Valutec C3T, Pôle AIP-PRIMECA Nord-Pas de CalaisInstitut des Mobilités et des Transports Durables (IMTD), Technopôle Transalley, Association Régionale de l'Industrie Automobile (ARIA).

visite labos_01-12-23
visite labos_01-12-23
visite labos_01-12-23
visite labos_01-12-23
visite labos_01-12-23

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