Thomas Bourgois


Vice-Président Etudiant

Elected for a 2-year term, Thomas Bourgois joined the establishment's governance as student vice-president on December 7, 2023.

What's your background at the company?

I'm currently in my 3rdyear of a STAPS degree specializing in Physical Activity Adapted to Health. I've been studying at UPHF for 3 years and as soon as I joined the university, I got involved in student associations, first as local vice-president and then as treasurer of the asso. STAPS. As time went by, I took on more and more responsibilities, which is something I appreciate.

How do you see your role as student vice-president?

The student vice-president plays a very special role in a university, acting as a link between students and their administration, representing students in dealings with institutional players, and above all bringing together all those involved in higher education and research. Beyond these aspects, I see my mandate as student vice-president as the perfect opportunity to be the students' spokesperson.

I'm looking forward to working with you.

What will be your first files?

Currently I'm contributing to the student life master plan. In the same way, I'll be asked to contribute to the institutional self-evaluation on all issues relating to student life and student training.

The same goes for the institutional self-evaluation.

As a privileged interlocutor for associations and governance, I have begun a " tour des assos. " : we take stock of what they have done, what they plan to do, what they expect from governance and what governance expects from them.

More generally, my major projects will be the continued development of the Eunice European University, work on student precariousness, improving student life, for which it seems very important to me to focus on delocalized campuses which, because of the distance, sometimes feel a little neglected. Another important point is the work on inclusion and ecological transition.