Scientific fields and disciplines

The domains

Here are all the scientific fields (mentions) and disciplines (specialties) offered by the Polytechnic Hauts-de-France Doctoral School.

Scientific fields and disciplines of the Science and Technology (ST) cluster

Scientific fields 


Mathematics and its interactions (1) 

Mathematics and their interactions 

Chemistry (4) 

Materials Chemistry 


Materials Engineering 

Biology, Medicine and Health (5) 

Life and Health Sciences 


Clinical research, technological innovation, public health 

Science for Engineering (8) 

Process Engineering 




Biomechanics and Bioengineering 


Energy, thermal, combustion 


Mechanics of fluid media 


Civil Engineering


Mechanical engineering, production engineering, transportation


Mechanics of solids, materials, structures and
of surfaces 

 Mechanical, energy, process engineering, civil engineering 

Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies
. Communication (9) 

Automatics, Productics 


Signal and image processing 


Informatics and applications 


Electronics, microelectronics, nanoelectronics and


Electronics, photonics 


Micro-nano systems and sensors 


Optical Systems and Photonics 


Informatics, automatic 

Scientific Areas and Disciplines of the Societies and Humanities (SH) cluster

Scientific fields


Humanities and Social Sciences (6)

French Language and Literature 


Old Languages and Literatures


English and Anglo-Saxon languages and literatures 


Germanic and Scandinavian languages and literature 


Roman languages and literatures: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, other languages 


Slavic languages and literature 


Literature and languages 


Comparative Literatures 


Language science: linguistics and general phonetics 


Arts: visual, performing, music, aesthetics, science and
art history


Epistemology, history of science and technology 


Ethics and ethics 




Spatial planning, urban planning 


Physical, human, economic and regional geography 


History and Civilizations: history of modern worlds, history of the contemporary world, art 


History and Civilizations: history and archaeology of the worlds
ancient and medieval worlds, art 


Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology 


Science of Education 


Information and Communication Sciences 


Sciences and techniques of physical activities and sports 

Societal Sciences (7) 

Management Science 


Economic science 


Economic and Management Sciences 


Private Law and Criminal Sciences 


Public law 


History of Law and Institutions 


Political Science 


Legal and Political Science 


Anthropology, ethnology 


Sociology, demography 

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