The equipment

Innovative equipment

The Institute of Mobility and Sustainable Transport (IMTD)

Supported by the Hauts-de-France Polytechnic University, recognized for its transport and mobility field of excellence in both research and education, and the Valenciennois Technopole Association, the IMTD is at the heart of the Mont Houy campus in Valenciennes, bringing together the university and the Transalley technopole.

The IMTD is one of the tools for promoting the mobility sectors (automotive, rail, aeronautics) and enhancing the assets of the Hainaut and Hauts-de-France region (companies, training establishments, laboratories, discovery of tomorrow's professions...).

The objectives

One of the strong ambitions is to work on issues related to employment and the attractiveness of industry professions.

To become the showcase of tomorrow's innovations, accompanying project holders in their communication approaches.

Enable meetings between all the players in the mobility sector: researchers, industrialists, start-upers, high school and university students...

Because mobility is one of the major issues of the coming decades, IMTD welcomes outdoor events but also offers eclectic programming open to all.


The C3T

The University is equipped with important facilities in the field of transportation, in particular as part of the Technical Center (C3T) for companies and managed by VALUTEC, a subsidiary of the University that promotes innovation, responds to industrial needs and helps create companies.